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Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation Welcomes You

Funding the Future of Humanity

Imagine a world where your monetary assistance can impact the lives of many individuals. At Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation, we provide people and organizations of all backgrounds a chance to reach their potential through our wide range of grants, scholarships and fellowship options. We invite you to learn more about how you can get involved in our rewarding Scientific Research Grant Foundation today.

Ongoing Research & Development Projects

All the Recent Updates In One Place

Electronic Chip

Biomedical Sensor Development

Designing & Developing a low cost non invasive blood glucose monitoring unit with visible light Laser.This research will create the most essential heath care product "Non invasive blood glucose monitoring device" for type I & II diabetic patients.

R&D Partner: Adamas University, Biomedical Instrumentation Program of Calcutta University & WBUHS.

Collaborator: Dr. C Volko, Austria; Mr. Andrew Vavrek, Germany

Drone Takeoff

Human-Computer Interaction, Autonomous Agents, and Social Informatics

AI research includes deep learning and autonomous systems, with a focus on human-computer interaction, autonomous agents, and social informatics.

VR Headset

Immersive Learning Experiences

Virtual and augmented realities are revolutionizing the learning experience. They allow students to take journeys into ancient history, travel across the universe, and visit museums in different countries, all without leaving the classroom. One of the biggest feats of such technologies is that they make the learning experience more engaging, awe-inspiring and trans formative. They allow us to shift mindsets and send powerful messages through immersive experiences.

Apartment Building

Sustainable Energy and Infrastructure Resilience

Eco-technology research includes development of low-cost sustainable energy and infrastructure resilience, with a focus on energy generation and integrating biotechnology into infrastructure design.

Get to Know Us

Dedicated to Enhancing the Lives of Others

At Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation, we believe that the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by the problem. We have dedicated our lives to working with these communities — providing whatever support they need in order to unlock their potential. We want all individuals to envision their goals and realize they have the ability to make their dreams a reality.

Our Story

Committed to Fostering the Lives of Others

Founded in 2018, Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation was established under the foundation of giving. We give everyone the chance to donate to a good cause, and believe that a little monetary contribution can go a really long way in improving the lives of others. Our grants spread across a variety of different fields, and have been the driving force behind the success of those in need.

Our Grants Portfolio

Sustainable Energy Research Grant

March 15, 2018

For many years, our contributions have impacted the lives of people from all over the world. Our Sustainable Energy Research Grant is one of its kind, and has continuously changed the lives of those who have benefited from our support. We stay in close contact with all the recipients of our grants, and have seen unbelievable success stories that have come from these fine individuals.

Windmills on green field
Large Modern House with Pool

Eco-Technology / Sustainable Habitat Research Grant

February 9, 2018

At Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation, we provide a wide range of individuals and organizations alike the chance to improve their lives through our contributions. Our Eco-Technology / Sustainable Habitat Research Grant is a great representation of how much we care about giving back to the global community. All of our efforts go towards helping those in need — and our recipients benefit from the support they receive.

Laboratory Research Grant

January 12, 2018

Since 2018, our contributions have made an impact on the lives of people from all over the world. Our Laboratory Research Grant was a huge success, and has allowed our recipients to strengthen and expand their outreach. We believe that this is an important and worthy cause, and we are honored to lend a helping hand.

Female Scientist Using Microscope

Our Board and Executives

Mr. Parag Majmudar


Personable and detail-oriented, Mr. Parag connects with donors and manages contributions. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Coordinator who is a crucial addition to our ever growing team!

Mr. Partha Chattopadhyay


An incredibly valued asset to our team, Mr. Partha Chattopadhyay is our esteemed Coordinator — and plays a crucial role in the functions of Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation. With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Mr. Partha Chattopadhyay is committed to changing the world.

Dr. Moumita Mukherjee

Research & Development Mentor

Dr. Moumita Mukherjee, M.Sc. ( Applied Physics ), M.Tech. in Biomedical Engineering, Ph.D.( Tech ) in Radiophysics and Electronics from Calcutta University. Post Doc from DRDO , Govt of India and Germany. Visiting Scientist INEX Newcastle University. Former Sr. Scientist, DRDO Centre of Excellence,  Govt of India. Presently Associate Dean - School of Science, Adamas University,  Kolkata & Adjunct Professor,  JAP BMI ( Calcutta University  and The WB University of Health Sciences, India ).

Mr. Saikat Adhikari

Science & Technology Adviser

Mr. Saikat Adhikari, M.Sc. Physics ( Electronics ), PGD in Applied GIS and Remote Sensing, pursuing Ph.D.( Physics ) in Biomedical Engineering from Adamas University. He is working on A.I. / medical research, aiming to extend human life by merging biology with advanced technology. His areas of contributions are Applied Electronics, Microelectronics Fabrication, Biomedical Instrumentation, Nanotechnology, Computational Neuroscience & Brain Computer Interface.

Mr. Andrew Vavrek

AI Technologist

Mr. Andrew Vavrek is the founder of “Open Assistant,” a global movement building an open source AI operating system. His areas of research are AI Programming, Communications Management, Web Design, Linux Development, and Media Production.

Mr. Umasankar Dash

Chief Business Development Officer

Mr. Umashakar Dash is very active researcher with passion for new advance research. His is expert in thin film vapour deposition, and has conducted some ground breaking findings. His passion and drive leads for research stimulates this advance material field and finds many commercial applications. He is working as a researcher in thin film oxide lab, Hankuk University of Foreign studies, South Korea. His research includes Oxide materials for MRAM and ReRAM applications.

Dr. Anand Kant Das

Neuroscientist and Consultant

Dr. Anand Kant Das is a passionate researcher, scientific consultant, and award-winning communicator. He uses ultra-sensitive microscopy to understand the inner workings of the brain at Vienna University of Technology, Austria. He possesses a strong interdisciplinary research background (with over 13 research papers in international journals) and exemplary writing and communication skills. When not in the lab, you can find him reading philosophy, climbing mountains and traveling. He is also deeply interested in technology development, alternative systems of medicine and comparative religion.

Mr. George Vanderslice

Biomedical Adviser

Mr. George Vanderslice is a law student in the USA and presently is a Biomedical Adviser of the DREaD Foundation for International Patent Protection Law. His areas of Interest in technology are Biomedical Engineering and Cybernetics. He has previously worked as a 68W Healthcare Specialist in the United States Army's 155th Heavy Brigade Combat Team. As a Healthcare Specialist, he focused on field work and combat trauma. He has helped develop new medical devices and surgical procedures, including development toward a full body prosthesis.

Mr. Ellery Newton

Creativity Adviser

Mr. Ellery Newton is an entrepreneurship student in America and provides ideations at the DREaD Foundation. One of his interests is to accelerate the advent of bionic bodies as a novel life support option for humanity. He also believes MBMI’s have the potential to up-level cognitions around the world for the greater good.

Mr. Srijeet Chatterjee

Medical Technology Enthusiast

Mr. Srijeet Chatterjee is a Biomedical Engineer. Presently he is in Erlangen, Bavaria, Germany. He is working on Medical Imaging and Data Processing. His areas of contributions are Applied Electronics, Microelectronics Fabrication & Biomedical Instrumentation.

Our Mission

Here to Serve Individuals Worldwide

Founded in 2018, Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation inspires action, serves donors and supports communities. We’re driven by a firm belief in the power of humanity. As the trusted Scientific Research Grant Foundation in Kolkata, we provide long-term solutions and benefits for those who may need assistance in pursuing their dreams.

At Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation, we are inspired each day by the work we do, and feel such a sense of accomplishment with each success story that comes from past or present recipients. Sometimes, the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by the problem — and we want to be the center stage of their success.

Our Beliefs

Ever since its establishment in 2018, Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation has earned a reputation for being the leading Scientific Research Grant Foundation in the greater Kolkata area. We aim to create immediate and long lasting change in the lives of all our recipients and believe that our contributions will allow them to bring their dreams to life. A little help goes a long way — and we want to be the support system and strong backbone for all recipients.

Join Our Community

Get started with Disruptive Research Engineering and Design Foundation by making your idea a reality, or by helping others bring their dreams to life. We always like to meet with individuals who have the same mission and values that we posses. Interested in sharing your ideas with us? Call us today and see how you can get involved.